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صور| تجربة “قبائل الغابات” في فندق ببلجيكا


يوفر فندق ومنتجع La Balade des Gnomes في بلجيكا غرفا وأجنحة فندقية غريبة، لكل منها ديكورها الخاص، الذي اعتمد فيه ملاك الفندق بشكل واسع على الخشب وماتستخدمه عادة قبائل الغاب.

وعلى الرغم من ذلك تحتوي الأجنحة الـ 10 للفندق على كافة التجهيزات الفاخرة، فكل بها جاكوزي وكلها من مواد من الطبيعة، وتكلف الليلة الواحدة فيها حوالي 122 جنيه استرليني.

Horsing around: The unusual pony-shaped room is just one of 10 'fantasy' suites offered by the Belgian hotel

Hobbit hideaway: The bizarre rooms are said to be based on different stories from around the world and turned into a fairytale-style reality

Take a dip: Even the bathroom continues with the Hobbit theme, but the bath is probably the size of a swimming pool for Frodos

Mini retreat: The Hobbit-sized suite has a little table that can be winched into place using a chain and the decor makes it feel like it is nestled into a tree

Cabin fever: The wooden retreat has quirky rooms, from gnome-theme cubby holes to luxurious suites

Take a seat: The suite has a lounge area where guests can sit on oversized wooden furniture which looks rather like a living forest

Misleading: The Trojen Horse looks small from the outside but has a full dining room inside

Home from home: The rooms have romantic elements such as velvet throws and heart-shaped decor


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